Granting Collection alchemy

Introducing Quickching

Throughout the ages, the alchemist has captivated civilizations, and in a post-gold-standard world, many feel that with the instability that occurred in the first decade of the 21st century, some form of the gold standard should be brought back. Gold has often been thought of in relation to the price of gold, thus simply an exchange.

Gold can be bought and stored, and while it is not often used as a direct payment method for everyday use, it is highly liquid and can be converted to cash in almost any currency with relative ease.

Built with state of the art know-how and financial Technology, Quick-Ching will create Flow in your financial management by connecting our FinTech with your industry know-how. Improving your exchange methods & refining your collections, Quickching will create the flow of funds back in to your treasury.


Quickching integrates with your current solutions, where all your client data is retrieved and verified in real time using open banking Machinery. If the information is captured by the client on mobile/tablet/PC, the import starts into the Customer relationship manager solution. The Quickching debit order facility offers your business a fully hosted debt collection platform where your debtors’ book can be managed via Quickching online portal.

Our secure portal is accessible from anywhere and has been designed and built with a focus on serviceability.

Quickching offers debtor administration as well as a diverse financial reporting solution for advanced management statistics and debtor control resolutions.

Quickching allows you to process large volumes of collections quickly and efficiently and offers full reconciliation of your collections against your electronic bank statement. Our technology will alert you to successful collections, disputes and failures.

We are a comprehensive TPPP, our autotomised product offers full integration to your current operating system. This system supports collections on your bad debt & outstanding credit book. At Quickching there is no such thing as bad debt only bad credit granting. That is where our platform plays a major role. We are disrupting the industry, from initiation to collections.

The initial step in the practice is the most important debt collection tool available, thus we offer a full-service client onboarding -Management -collection service.

Our debt collection call centres operate in all South African languages. With the supplementary for French via Mauritius, German via Namibia & Portuguese via Mozambique, thus allowing us to collect in European currencies & operational expenses in African terms.

The Quickching Mandate Management package facilitates your contract process with your debtor by enabling you to seamlessly submit collection mandate requests to your debtor’s bank. Your debtor approval is safely stored in Quickching mandate warehouse for easy retrieval and amendments as and when required. Our solution consolidates the various file formats required by your bank into simple formats and includes both mandate requests and responses.
The Quickching NAEDO collection service improves your ability to collect by presenting the debit instruction in the early debit order window, which is immediately after the bank’s salary credit run. The NAEDO service includes tracking for future credits on the debtor’s account.

A collection book can be future dated providing full visibility of anticipated collection volumes. You need only capture a debtor and their corresponding debit order once as opposed to repeatedly capturing the collection.


DebiCheck collections can be easily captured on the Quickching portal or a bulk file can be uploaded for submission to your bank. DebiCheck instructions, like NAEDO, are presented in the early debit order window and includes debtor account tracking.

Quickching will pre-validate your DebiCheck instruction against the registered mandate approved by your debtor, to ensure that your collection instruction does not contravene the mandate conditions that was agreed between you and your debtor


Debtor Management is critical to the effective debt collection of your business
The Quickching Debtor Management service allows you to

  • Improve your cashflow by improving your debt collection success rate
  • Manage your debt collection costs by using the collection service that best matches your debtor payment history
  • Utilise a powerful secure online portal
  • Report and view statistics on your collection book

Rest Assured, You or Your Company is Covered

Quickching Fintech solution is fully integrated with Quickdebt, your unified debt collection answer.

Whether you are owed a small or large amount, whether it is low volume or high, whether it is B2C or B2B, the team at QuickDebt Collections have a debt collection mixture for you.

We connect with your overdue customers to maximize debt recoveries.


Unpaid invoices hurting your cash flow?


Our team is highly skilled in managing debts


Analytically driven collection strategies


We work with you to design the best path to resolution


Banking, finance, Insurance and medical Sectors

Our services cover the entire debt life cycle, from vetting to collecting with sights focused on early stage and pre-legal collections.

Why Choose Us

Our collection success and exceptional conversion ratios are based on a variety of factors being:

For our Financial Recoveries we use Customised Electronic Debt Collection Management System catering to the client’s specific requirements. This not only result in improved collections, but through the combination of tradition legal collection methods and the call centre functionality, even better results are achieved. In addition, the psychological leverage a debt collection firm enhances, leads to improved repayments and settlements on outstanding debt.


A sophisticated debt collection program.


Various tracing facilities, both in‑house and external, with door to door affordability & arrangement collection potential.


A dedicated team of experienced credit consultants that are incentive and target driven.


Prompt and persistent follow up on default payments via the call centres and digital platforms.


Automated mobile & social platforms used to send out auto payment reminders.


Various collection strategies adapted to our clients needs & industry specific legal regulations.


Accurate reporting system on all operation factors required to run a successful debt collection operation.

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Please send us a detailed note with your debt collection issues at hand, to guide us on the path to finding a workable solution.  Better debt recovery procedures begin with quality credit granting practices.

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